Cinematic Soulmates: The Mist and War of the Worlds

This is the introduction to an article originally published at Clearance Bin Review. It is part of my Cinematic Soulmates series, in which I would write about two films that compliment one another or lend themselves to a good double feature. In this piece, originally published May 20, 2011, I discussed the thematic and subtextual similarities between two post-9/11 horror films, The Mist and War of the Worlds.

“Now that the War on Terror™ is finally over (and America totally won!  USA!  USA!), it seems like now is as good a time as any to look at a pair of recent films that examine the fear, anger and paranoia that emerged in the wake of September 11.  Both The Mist (2007) and War of the Worlds (2005) serve as allegories for that tragic day in 2001, but much like the classic cautionary science fiction films released during the height of the Cold War, they reinterpret the horrific real-world events through the lens of a good old fashioned monster movie narrative.  However, while both films ostensibly cover the same thematic ground, they each approach the material in slightly different ways.”

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